June 17, 2024

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Online Poker Vs Live Poker

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All types of poker, be it online or in land casinos, have their pros and cons. The best part about online poker is the ability to play more hands in a given time. If you want to play more and more while exercising your option to play at multiple tables, you should go for an online game. In addition to choice, playing online gives you a lot of practice and thus hones your skills at the game. A player has more options for increased earnings provided he has good skills and command over poker.
Coming to the land based, live poker, the best part is that the person playing against you is physically present in front of you. When you can see your opponent, you can gauge his expressions and you can enjoy the game more by interacting. Many players love to narrate poker stories while playing. It is also said that expert poker players play their games based on their perception of the other player’s expressions almost 80% of the time. Only 20% of the time are they relying solely on cards. One must master the ability to understand the other players moves especially in face-to-face situations.
Some problems are common to both online poker as well as live poker. In land casinos, you can play only one game at one time. You can’t be present at two tables at the same time. Then in online poker, it can take a long time to get your prize money. You can’t see your opponent. Another thing is that in case of online poker, you can’t find beginner players because most of these online beginners have history of live poker and have only shifted from it. Land poker, though live, cannot be played from your home and you have to travel for the real games. Next, in live poker, you have to tip the dealer as part of etiquettes, which can be costly. Live, you cannot find a tournament that fits your need easily. They can be very crowded with two to five thousand players. Thus, live poker has its own problems, not to mention cost of travel you will incur in going to the poker casino.
To make your decision about a game, weigh these benefits and disadvantages carefully. Only then can the poker experience be fun and best suited as per your needs.

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