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World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup

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We surely live in a time in human civilization, when the various sources of entertainment which used to keep us refreshed and raring to go, have seeped in into the virtual world from the physical world. Poker is one such game, whose power to entertain has been realized in the virtual world, as it had been in the real world. This very fact is evident from the great turnout of online gamers at the various virtual world poker as well as other gambling avenues. The following of poker has become so large in the online gambling circles, that the World Poker Cup is an event that is eagerly awaited by the entire online poker world. Well this article aims to bring up the exhilarating support as well as following for this much awaited event and in doing so, it brings out an update on the World Poker Tour Beallagio Cup.

One of the key avenues comprising the itinerary of the World Poker Tour is Bellagio.Bellagio is the place where all the action of the World Poker Tour comes alive, on the state of the art equipment as well as set up provided. The World Poker Tour Bellagio cup comes to life at the lavish poker facility spread over an area of more than seven thousand square feet, which incorporates as many as forty poker tables. The center attraction is still the facility named after the renowned Poker Champion, Bobby Brown. The Bobby Baldwin room comprises of two exquisite poker tables, which provide an ideal setting for the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup.

This year’s World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup stretches over six days, which is turning out to be a quite a long time for the event. While the last update on the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup was reported, there were only the last ninety two contestants standing, out of the two hundred sixty eight who had initiated the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup. This was the standing at the advent of day three of the tournament, going on in the Fontana room. After the commencement of the third day on July 17, the tournament witnessed only the last thirty one contestants, still in the race for supremacy.

After the commencement of the sixth day as well as the entire tornament, it was Brazil’s moment of glory as Alexandre Gomes took the bracelet he had clinched at the World Poker Tournament in 2007 to a new level altogether, by winning the World Poker Tour Beallagio Cup. The ace gambler made a not so comprehensive entry to the final day proceedings, stacking about 1,586,000 in chips. This figure was about a third of the chip accumulations of the then leader, Faraz Jaka.The World Poker Tour Beallagio Cup had it’s share of records and amazing feats, as the sixth place finisher- Erik Seidel, succeeded in passing 108 cards before his exit.

By the time the heads-up play segment was initiated, the standings depicted that both Gomes as well as Faraz Jaka possessing over sixty blind rounds with them.Jaka was successful in reraising the Gomes A-7 holdings, after about forty three hands had been played. The final standings at the World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup showed Gomes to be a clear winner, encashing $1,187,670 and Jaka clinching a bravely fought second spot, with total earnings of $774,780. This year’s World Poker Tour Bellagio Cup can surely be termed as Gambling at its very best”.

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